3 Reasons People Stay Single in Their 30s

💕 Let’s talk about something that has been buzzing around our girl chats and late-night musings, shall we? If you’re nodding along, then you, too, have looked around and whispered: “Why are all these amazing 30-something men and women still riding the solo train?” 🚂

And yep, by ‘solo’, I’m shining a light on our fabulous singletons – those of us not currently twirling in a stable, romantic dance with someone special (and no, we’re not counting those still hung up on their exes, bless them!).

“But why?” you wonder, eyes wide, as you observe these stunning, independent, and vibrant souls around you.👀 Allow me to weave together a little tapestry based on my own ponderings and experiences, navigating through this very theme amongst my friends (yours truly included!).

1) The Rational Romantics
“Oh, mama!” 🚫💘 The No.1 love zapper has got to be our often overly rational mindsets, don’t you think? It’s like, if you find yourself in the company of those earthy star signs or those with their Mercury cozied up in an earth sign, you’ll notice – it’s not that they don’t WANT love. But, my stars, their cool heads and powerful logic tend to ice the fiery passion of their partners, especially during those spicy little spats or sulky moments! And in the end, they might find themselves, all alone, struck out for “not being passionate enough.”

And darling, those rational romantics often share another tiny flaw – they’re a smidge… oblivious. But, ah, more on that later.

2) Totally Okay Flying Solo
Now, I’ve noticed (maybe you have too, Lillithanielle?) that our No.2 often seems to resonate more with the single gentlemen in our lives. 🕺Many of them, with their handsome faces, tidy savings, domestic goddess skills, and scrumptious cooking talents, genuinely feel A-OK riding solo. Their mantra? “No pressure.”

But love, can you truly encounter love without a little urging, a little vulnerability? Real love begs for reciprocity. If you declare your feelings with a “no pressure” tag, isn’t it akin to mindlessly tossing aside something precious? 💔

Remember those friends who chant, “I’m good on my own” but follow it swiftly with, “But I still want someone”? Oh honey, the contradiction is palpable, isn’t it?

3) Missed the Love Memo
Yes, dear reader, you’re reading right: a dash of obliviousness. 💌 Either they’re missing the flirty vibes being tossed their way, or they’re completely overlooking the little nuggets that could be cultivated into something splendid and loving.

Typically, our rational + oblivious folks barely notice when someone’s trying to electrify them with flirtation, or even if they do, they smoothly and quietly let the spark fizzle out. Developing romance becomes a rocky road, either mistaking genuine affection for friendly banter or being unable to radiate their own electric vibes.

Have you spotted these traits amongst your own single-over-30 circle, sweet ones? 🧐 They too, in various quiet moments, yearn for a special someone. But, alas, romantic serendipity often glides past them unnoticed. So, if you have friends like these, why not play a little cupid, shower them with a smidge more attention, and help them out where you can?

Sending wishes for love’s embrace,
Annalynn, 2015.10.21 💌💕


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