How Coaching Works

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What is coaching?

If you ask people in the 19th century this question, they would tell you that a coach is a carriage transporting people from one place to another. Similar to that, a modern-day coach is a professional who supports clients achieve a goal that their clients want to achieve but having trouble doing so alone.

How do you define coaching?

A coach is not a teacher and is neither a therapist, a mentor or a consultant. Strictly speaking.…

A teacher teaches past knowledge and ensures students understand the materials. However, students may not know how to apply their learnings in the world.
A therapist is specialized personnel trained to perform therapeutic medical treatment of an existing injury, disorder, or disease.
A consultant is someone who gives professional advice or services. A consultant could be involved in various projects, doing work for the client.
A mentor is a person is a trusted counsellor or guide who meets with a person periodically to answer questions and share ideas.

A coach is someone who meets with a person (or a team) regularly,

  • having a deep understanding of the person in front of the coach;
  • allowing a person to explore their hidden mindset and helping this person overcome their inner obstacles;
  • guiding a person in finding their next step to take;
  • supporting a person achieving a goal that this person longs for but could not have in the past.

How is coaching different from other methods?

I strongly believe in teaching someone to fish instead of giving this person fish. I want my clients to have the autonomy to be the best version of themselves and live the life they desire by releasing ineffective programs from family, culture, or past trauma.

A coach is not a mentor because a coach allows the clients to come up with their own solutions and supports clients in achieving clients’ goals.
A coach is not a consultant because a coach encourages the clients to learn the how-tos and experience the skill-building process.
A coach is not a therapist because a coach provides different perspectives on clients’ current situations, not treatments.
A coach is not a teacher because a coach is solution-focus, concentrating on supporting clients to implement changes to their current habits.

How do coaching sessions work?

A coaching session is a space for a client to experience his/her/their maximum growth.

Before the start of each coaching session, the client may want to take 5 minutes before meeting time to do some grounding exercises using meditation or box breathing. The grounding exercise will help us stay present with ourselves and focus throughout the coaching session.

In our 60min coaching session, I want to learn your perspectives and hold space for you to be vulnerable and open. You are welcome to ask questions, especially when you need something explained or rephrased. As a coach, I will be a mirror for you and your business, providing you clarities, insights and solutions. I want to help you and your business grow.

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