Hey Gorgeous. It’s Time to Rock Our 30s & Love Ourselves 💖

Yikes, turning 30! It’s got a ring to it, right? I mean, doesn’t it feel just a tiny bit monumental? Whether you’re single, taken, or it’s complicated – hitting the big 3-0 can shake us up a bit, and yup, even your chill, easy-going friend here took a pause when that new decade rolled around.

And hey, let’s be real for a sec: Being a single lady stepping into her thirties? It stirs a little extra something in the pot, doesn’t it? A bit of excitement, a dash of apprehension, and a whole lotta “What’s next for me?”

You see, often, single gals like us find ourselves getting super proactive about relationships in our 30s. And nah, it’s not always about hearing wedding bells, but more like – we’ve hit our stride, we know what we want, and honey, we’re not here to waste time!

Remember those days of dating the “not-so-right” but “oh-so-fun” guys? Hehe, well after 30, a lot of us are like, “Thanks for the memories, but I’m looking for something a bit more snug now.” We start eyeing partners who feel like a cozy Sunday morning rather than a wild Saturday night, ya know?

But! Even when we’re being all smart and mature about it, breakups still sting like a bee, don’t they? It’s like, after 30, every moment is golden, and we just don’t want to spend it on tears and heartaches.

And OMG, can we talk about the whole “Dirty Thirty” thing? Yup, our bodies throw us a little curveball, spicing up our lives in unexpected ways. And navigating that? It can be a little awkward, a smidge exciting, and well, kinda fun too!

But let’s huddle close, because here’s the real tea 🍵. Thirty might not sprinkle us with magic wisdom dust, but oh darling, it gives us the perfect moment to hug ourselves a little tighter and dive deep into that self-love journey.

Here’s a cozy little blanket of thoughts to wrap around you as you sail beautifully into your 30s:

  1. Date, But Don’t Settle: Honey, love is gorgeous, but never shrink yourself just to be in a relationship, okay? Whether it’s a fling or friends-with-benefits, remember: Your heart is precious.
  2. Hold Your Friends Close: While you’re weaving romantic tales, don’t forget your pals! Those late-night ice cream and vent sessions? Priceless.
  3. Stay Radiantly You: As you mingle two lives together, don’t forget the dazzling person you are, sweetheart. Keep polishing that charm of yours, it lights up the world.
  4. Listen to Your Heart: Sometimes we need a little solo time to understand what we truly desire in love and life. Be your own best friend and guide your heart gently.
  5. Wear Your Crown: Darling, whether you’ve found your king or not, remember, you were a queen long before he came, and you’ll be one forevermore.

Sending you heaps of love and joy, beautiful! 💕👑

The article was first written in 2014 and revamped in 2023 🙂


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